Travelers' guide: CORE TRAINING

Hello fellow traveller, welcome to the sustainability core training!
Introduction to the Core Training
Welcome to the sustainability basecamp! You're just at the right place to get ready for climb up mount sustainability together with oikos! Many challenges are waiting for us out there - so it's great that you are taking the time to get prepared together with your fellow sustainability change agents
This chapter, the travelers' guide is a short introduction in how you can make the most out of the sustainability basecamp, a 24-h short course to equip you with the basic knowledge & reflections it needs to go out there. Take your time, define your learning goals & let's go!


Course-Structure & Tools

Following our basecamp narrative, the course is structured in
5 tents. You will visit each of them to get prepared with the knowledge & skills necessary to prepare for our hike up Mount Sustainability. We use 3 tools to create a holistic learning experience. All tools are used by oikos international on an everyday-basis, and mastering them will be helpful for you beyond the scope of the course. The tools are Miro, Gitbook and Discord.
Gitbook - content
Miro - overview & collab
Discord - communication
Gitbook is our "wiki" space, where we share knowledge within the oikos community. You are currently looking at Gitbook reading this text. There are other oikos Wikis available, right now you find yourself using the Core Training Wiki.
We use Miro for visual collaboration and in this course as a platform to connect the tents in a visual way. Come here if you are looking for orientation
Need guidance? Here a short explainer video for you! https://youtu.be/B1MstR9dDiA
Discord is our tool for communication. You can use discord to come together online with your community, as well as creating a channel to discuss certain topics. We have created a dedicated channel for the Sustainability Basecamp on our oikos community server, where you can exchange with other participants about the program and the different tents of the Basecamp.
How to Join Discord:
Invite-link: https://discord.gg/TQ6tzt9vpN
Create account https://discord.com/login
Install-link: https://discord.com/download
Once you are in the community, go to the channel #pick your roles and choose your roles by clicking the icons. By picking the
Sustainability Basecamp Fellow role, you will automatically sign up for the Basecamp and get access to the corresponding channels. Now you have access to the Sustainability Basecamp Category on the bottom left
Need guidance? Here a short video for you! https://youtu.be/F4Q_oiJwWoU
Learning Companions & Certification Option
You can understand the tools described above as companions that support your learning as you travel from tent to tent. We recommend you to use them to facilitate your experience!
Beyond this, we want to offer you a
core training playbook as another learning companion. It's an (analogue or digital) space where you can harvest all of your learnings & reflections throughout the process. You can either create your own (see examples below), or use our template - whatever feels right for you to harvest your learnings & reflections. This is a space for you to come back to look at your learnings.
Towards the end (in chapter 5), you have the option to take a little
test & get a
graduation certificate **COMING SOON**. The test will require you to upload the playbook with all your reflections, to prove that you took the time to go through the whole course before taking the test. More on this in chapter 5.
Examples for playbooks

How to approach the core training? 🚶‍♀️Solo Travellers and
Peers Groups

We are all in this together, but all with our individual needs and working styles. Every three months we host kick-off meetings that give you a quick introduction to the course itself, but most importantly, help you to set goals for this experience and get in touch with your Basecamp peers!
Up for co-working? There is a dedicated Co-working Zoom-Breakout every two weeks, where you can ask other participants for help, reflect, chat and work.
Peer Groups - Having peers is tremendously helpful, as you can decide & self-organize to work through the course & reflect together (which you will do a lot of) and be accountability buddies. You can move into the course with your local group (eg. a chapter or your class). In our kick-offs, you also have the opportunity to match with peers to go on the journey together.
🚶‍♀️Solo Travellers -If you don't have the time to meet through Zoom, your timezone is not aligning with anyone else who is taking the course at the moment, or you are just better off working by yourself, that is fine too! Find your own way of working through the course and drop into Discord to asynchronously reflect with people there.
In any case. The whole course is thriving through its active community. So, occasionally check in on the reflection spaces in Discord and see if you can answer to anyone there.

The Tents

The tents in Gitbook are the obligatory chapters of the core training. Once you have gone through all the tents, you will find yourself properly equipped to tackle the sustainability challenges around you (or at least a little bit more ;)).
All tents are structured the same way. You will always find the following three sections:
know: We prepared some input & content for you! Everything you need to know about the specific chapter + some extra readings in case your interest is piqued.
act: Apply your newly gained knowledge & deepen your understanding! We are climbing mount sustainability, it's important to learn in a holistic way.
reflect: Reflect on your own & with other course participants about your newly gained knowledge and competencies and put it into perspective.


Let's get into action, even before you join a kick-off meeting! To start off, we would like you to get familiar with Miro and Discord. For this, start with the following actions:
  1. 1.
    Hop on our Miro board, and create a
    traveller's passport with a small profile of yourself on the notice board. If you find it difficult to navigate the Miro board, check out this tutorial.
  2. 2.
    Check out discord: Follow the tutorial or this invite-link, to install discord, create an account & join the oikos community server.
  3. 3.
    Finally, come back here to start your own
    core training playbook. You're ready to jump to tent 1!


Congrats! You just acquired the skills necessary to dive into the Sustainability Basecamp.
When you join a kick-off meeting, you DON'T need to do the next part just yet. If you are a solo-traveller, introduce yourself in the Discord Sustainability Basecamp #Travellers guide channel and reflect:
  1. 1.
    Where are you joining this course from, and what is your first name? Do you want to join a group / have a peer?
  2. 2.
    What is your expectation towards this course? What do you need to complete it? If you are in this with your peers: Reflect as individuals & as a group.
  3. 3.
    See if any of the reflections on discord resonate & let the person know by commenting! That's how the Sustainability Basecamp community supports itself.

Any questions left?

Reach out to our sustainability basecamp tour guides via discord in the #ask-a-tourguide channel or ask for direction in the:
Looking for some specific directions? Finding orientation in the jungle of sustainability is not always easy. No worries, we got you covered - with the SUSTAINABILITY COMPASS!
All you need to navigate: the curious mind of an explorer, concrete questions & the generosity to exchange with the community.
The sustainability compass allows you to ask for the resources you need to deepen your sustainability knowledge. It also gives you the opportunity to help others & share your resources.