🧡oikos Guideline: A Red Thread through oikos

Welcome, this is your red thread through our network!

Our organizational guideline is a comprehensive roadmap that helps you to navigate through all that matters in and around oikos, building up on our constitution. The guideline offers an overview for everyone who wants to learn more about how we function and why we do what we do. Enjoy browsing through the summaries and overviews, and make sure to follow some of the links to relevant documents (eg. our field guides).

This guide elaborates how oikos works on a chapter, community and international level - and how these different layers are connected. We use the term oikos to describe the oikos community as a whole, oikos chapter(s) to talk specifically about 1 or a group of chapters and oikos International to talk about the umbrella organization with the international initiatives & the international team.

Overview: Your Red Thread through oikos

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