Magic inspo

✨ A bit of magic & project inspiration for all oikos Chapters worldwide! ✨

This section aims to bring inspiration and empowerment to the oikos Chapters worldwide and encourage cross-chapter collaboration! Let us share a bit of magic with each other and enjoy the beauty and impact of our initiatives globally!

Explore & Read : Folder containing just a piece of incredible projects happening on the ground within the oikos community that will inspire your next initiative :

Share: Template to enter YOUR project that will inspire oikos Chapters worldwide:

Please make a copy of the template before you start writing about your inspiring project by:

  1. Clicking the link below

  2. Clicking "File" in the top menu > clicking "Make a copy"

  3. It will automatically open another tab/window in your browser with the copy of the template

  4. Rename your copy (it will be automatically be saved within the "Project Inspiration!" folder in the oiToolbox GDrive)

  5. And just start sharing a bit of magic that you experienced through a local project with the rest of the world! 💫

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