TE Squad

An international focus group to boost the community’s impact in the Transforming Education field.

We envision higher education that prepares youth to navigate complexity, and grow into the leaders of an economic system that generates positive environmental and social outcomes. Students play a key role in this systemic shift: with the sustainability challenge at hand, there now is an open window for young change agents to take ownership of their education and make change happen in real-time. Accompanied by early career researchers, lecturers and together with other allies, students have the capacity to influence the why, what and how of teaching and learning

The TE Squad is like a warm, welcoming home where students and local oikos Chapters come together to support each other in their shared dream of changing education for the better. In this friendly and caring environment, they talk about their challenges, build strong bonds of trust and friendship, and work together on projects that aim to improve education. It's a place where people express their feelings, have heartfelt conversations, value knowledge, and create partnerships driven by their deep passion to make education even better.

Visit our webpage for more information and join the transformational movement!

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