International Chat (Discord)

Our new community exchange for all members and friends.

Where and why?

Discord is a community chatroom with text and video communication that works very similarly to messengers like Slack or WhatsApp. It is structured into servers and channels. A server is a collection of chat rooms(eg. text or voice/video, and resources).
In our Discord server, we are hoping to…
  • Introduce you to the rest of the international community
  • Keep you up to date on events and programs by oikos International and its chapters
  • Give you the chance to participate in our “oiCoffee” initiative
  • Give you the space to exchange ideas with other chapters
  • Host your own chapter space, if you wish
We are looking forward to having you and growing this room for you and your fellow members together.
In this guide, we will guide you through joining the platform, your first steps on it, and the possibilities it offers.

How can I join?

Joining is very easy, and you don’t need any more than a web browser or your phone.
To participate, you only need a username and your birthdate - don’t worry about your username, you can always change it specifically for our space!
Click here to join the community discord chat!
If you want to learn more, or need some help getting started, Discord has a great guide on how to set up an account on your phone. Click here to find out more!​
If you need help getting set up on your PC or Mac, please refer to this guide. If you have any problems with this process, please refer to the “How can I get help in case anything goes wrong?” section. Further questions? We’re always happy to help!

What are my first steps in the community space?

Once you join our space for the first time, feel free to…
  • Read the introduction in the #welcome channel
  • Pick some roles for yourself in the #pick-your-roles channel
  • Introduce yourself to the rest of the community in the #introductions channel
  • Sign-up for the #oicoffee
  • Chat with other members in #whats-cooking
  • Share something you recently ate or made in #food

What else can I do?

We have a few other channels that you might want to check out!
#chapter-space: Space to discuss chapter matters and initiatives
#music-sharing: What’s the sound of your chapter? Feel free to post links here!
#yoga-and-other-workouts: Share your favourite workouts with the oikos community and start exchanging, challenging and cheering each other!
#region-X: Space to discuss matters regarding your region
Thematic Squads: Spaces to discuss matters regarding our oikos core topics


To make sure that we all feel comfortable in the Discord chat, there are a few rules we'd like you to follow. It's nothing special, so feel free to give it a short read.

Connect to oikos from around the world: Join for an oiCoffee

What is oiCoffee?

Grab your favorite drink & meet a random oikee for a short, casual conversation. oiCoffee intros are a simple way to connect with oikees from all over the world. On a regular basis, you can decide to sign up in the #oikoffee-signup channel. We will then pair you with another oikee through a DM, encouraging you to meet for a virtual coffee over video chat!
What are you waiting for? Give it a try and join us for a coffee chat :)

How can I participate?

To participate, just click the green checkmark box(✔️) in the #oikoffee-signup channel. This will automatically add you to the pool of members to be considered for the next oiCoffee round. Whenever a round ends, the next one will already be waiting for you there - so make sure to sign up again if you had fun!
You can choose the frequency of intros by clicking on the check mark emoji everytime we re-post for another round. No worries, if you miss one sign-up period, the next one will open directly! We always try to introduce people who don't normally interact with each other.

How can I provide my contact information?

If you want to provide additional contact information for your coffee friends, so they know how to get in touch with you, you can send a quick message in #bots with the following contents:
@Coffee Bot setinfo Hello, you can reach me best on Saturdays, send me an email at [email protected]!
This text will be sent to your match!

How can I change my notification settings?

To choose what you are notified for, eg. general announcements or events, you can use special roles in our #pick-your-roles channel.
General Announcements: Announcements regarding general oikos topics and matters related to the Discord space. Event Announcements: Reminders and notifications for international and chapter events/programs.
To deselect announcements, just click the small icons below the explanation box. Just like that, you can click them again to opt back in to announcements. Keep in mind that you may only get these announcements and notifications if you use the phone apps Discord provides.

How can I get help in case anything goes wrong?

If you have any questions, or trouble regarding the new platform, feel free to contact us.
In the Discord server itself, you can send a message with your question in the #support channel or send a direct message to anyone with the @oikos Team label.
If you choose to contact us directly, and don’t receive any answer immediately, please don’t worry and feel free to send a reminder after a while. If you have problems accessing the Discord server, you can also send a quick email with your concerns to [email protected].

Can I use Discord for my own chapter or group?

Yes! We have a useful template that you can use for your chapter.
It comes with all channels you need for your chapter to get started and is all yours to play around with! There won’t be any interference from oikos International if you choose to follow this way.
Create a server based on oikos Chapter Template
Click here to create a space for your chapter based on our template!

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