Marketing Tools & Impact Comms

🌐 : people spend on average 2.5 hours a day on social media (a little crazy right?) !

❓ : how can you get YOUR message through when people are overflowing with information?

🎉 : by using Impact Communication!

What is impact communication?

“Considering your audience, what information do you want to share and the best way to share it to ensure that the message is understood and, most importantly, inspire action?” - Maxime

☁️ Take a minute to think about what personally touches you and moves you to take action? ☁️

Now next time you write a communication piece for your chapter, think about the following questions:

  • What do you want a person to feel when they read/see the post (e.g. excitement, reflection, urgency)?

  • What key information do I want them to remember (e.g. statement, number)?

  • What action do I want them to take (e.g. : register for an event or just share it in their story)?

Keep it short!

The next challenge might be to keep your post short and sweet!

An impactful social media post shouldn’t be lengthy. Most people won’t take the time to read all of it. If there is a lot of information either break it into several posts or make sure to highlight the important information at the top and/or on the first tile if it is a multi-visual post.

Master the latest trends: videos

Platforms are getting overflowed with video-content. We entered a new era where videos are what is being pushed not only by video platforms like TikTok.

Creating videos can seem like a lot of work but there are a lot of different apps nowadays that could help you to easily edit your videos (CapCut or directly on TikTok or Instagram).

Keep the timing in mind

Not all social media posts are the same, nor the audience who sees them. There are various factors at play here, but the simplest one you can control is WHEN you post! We observed that late afternoons and early evenings during the working days are the most active times for engaging our audience. However, keep in mind that our experience is based on a truly global audience that oikos International reaches, which plays a great role. For your chapter the optimal time may differ, which is why we would invite you to experiment and see what works best for you.

Some rules for... getting views and retaining attention on your video content:

  1. Shorter is better! Here again you want to make sure information is concise and your video gives either interesting information in the first seconds, or teases the user to stay a little longer to listen to the whole video.

  2. Check your quality! You want to upload high quality content - check it beforehand to avoid any glitchy part of the video - low audio quality, bad lighting etc. Take advantage of the built-in app editor to cut some parts and enhance your video!

  3. Put yourself out there! You might feel a little shy to go on camera but it is important to feel confident, speak in a clear voice and allow your facial expressions to also be part of the story.

  4. Be authentic! You want to appear natural and speak with words that resonate to you, authenticity is more important than a perfect diction or pronunciation.

  5. Use subtitles! Be inclusive to the deaf community but also to non-native English speakers that might understand better written English. TikTok has its own auto-captions for example, but you could also use free apps like CapCut.

  6. Make a nice snippet! If a user visits your profile you want them to be able to easily identify what the video is about - add a bit of text and a pic in a nice frame.

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Be bold. Play. You are welcome.😉

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