Dive into the magic of Canva and the opportunities you have with the premium access.

Canva is an easy to use online platform for creating a wide variety of content. Through Canva you can create and edit images, videos, presentations and documents quickly and without much prior knowledge or experience.

Canva is free to use with an option for a Pro account which gives you access to many advanced features. oikos International can provide your chapter with an account that is a part of the ‘oikos Community’ team on Canva which gives you access to all its premium features.

How to get a Canva Pro account for your chapter?

As previously mentioned, Canva is free to use and you may have already had the chance to work with it for your chapter’s needs. In that case you can use that same account for your chapter as part of ‘oikos Community’ team on Canva and use the premium features, while also having access to earlier designs you created on the same account. Otherwise you can select an email address that your chapter members have access to and create a shared Canva account for your chapter on the ‘oikos Community’ team, through which you’ll be able to also access the premium features.

After you’ve decided which email address/account you’d like to access the Canva Pro, reach out to our communications team at, and they’ll set you up, providing further support if needed.

How to use Canva Pro?

  1. oikos Brand kit - the brand kit for oikos and it’s initiatives is available to you as part of the ‘oikos Community’ Canva Team. When editing your designs, you can always find it on the left side of your screen in the ‘Brand Kit’ tab.

  2. oikos Templates - there’s a set of pre-made templates based on the oikos branding that you can use to create visuals you need or use it a inspiration for your own design. These templates are especially useful if you have little experience with working with visuals or simply need to create content in a short snippet of time.

  3. Canva Pro Templates - Canva offers thousands of unique templates for all kinds of designs, which you can access for free with your chapter’s shared Canva Pro account.

Best practices on Canva:

  • Know you aspect ratios - for the best experience both online and offline, make sure that you’re using the right formats.

The most widely used format on the internet is 16:9 which fits the most social media and websites, and all-in-all you can almost never go wrong with it. The ideal dimensions for 16:9 aspect ratio in our experience is 1920x1080.

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