3. Design your LEAP journey


Think about who are the people in your chapter you want and need to involve to be part of your LEAP journey :



The person/core group that identified the need of having a LEAP journey & that will take care of the coordination.

People who step up to prepare & host a workshop session on the topic chosen.



Your chapter community that commits & actively takes part in the sessions.

A support person for the initiators who has experience with the oikos LEAP program.

People joining the LEAP can have several roles throughout the program.


Get in contact with your coach and invite people to form a team (initiator(s), coach(es) and facilitator(s)).

Host a meeting to think together about the questions below and to organise a strategy.


Together with the group you formed, answer these questions:

(These are tips from previous experiences)

Clarifying the purpose

What issues do you want to address in your community or what areas do you see as opportunities for personal and team/collective development?

Clarifying the format

Are you planning an in-person or online journey?

Clarifying the commitment

We recommend one session a month, maximum two to allow time for reflexion between sessions

Clarifying the start & end

Experience highlighted a kickoff attracts more members and increases external communication

Clarifying responsibilities

Set roles and an agenda to coordinate

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