5. Get a coach

On this page find the LEAP community of practitioners map and also how to be mapped on it.

How to be mapped here below?

To be mapped on here below, please fill the form and you'll instantly be a part of it !

Form link : https://airtable.com/shrN60fV0kvUoyf1s

How to reach out to the coaches?

We recommend you getting in touch through the social media link they shared. You can also ask us to put you in touch with them by sending an email to leap@oikos-international.org

Why a coach ?

The coaches here are individuals who already took part to a whole LEAP journey.

They help you in any way you need to develop your responsible leadership track (also called mini-leap). Wether you wish some tips, a hand to develop the program, hearing how they did it or wish an expert, they can help you wish many topics !

Where to meet my coach?

Online, we recommend you to use the oikos zoom account dedicated to the oikos community. You'll find the information on the page "LEAP topics".

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