2. LEAP journey examples

So, what might my LEAP journey look like?

Our examples are from chapters but you can consider the ideas to use in your workplace, family and friends environment etc.

Let’s look at an example of a LEAP journey from oikos Graz:

In this oikos chapter there were four people without LEAP experience willing to set up their leadership development journey (the initiators). This team got in contact with an alumni coach (part of the community of practice).

What steps did they take?

  1. Meet up with your LEAP coach.

  2. Decide on how your LEAP journey should look like (number of sessions and who will facilitate, topics, etc. - no worries, the process will still be adaptable later on).

  3. Involve the members of your chapter by inviting them to a kick-off meeting.

  4. Host the kick-off meeting.

  5. Plan your first workshop (if needed together with your journey coach or with a suiting coach provided by him/her) and the material inside the LEAP toolbox.

  6. Facilitate your first workshop and see how you and the oikees in your chapter benefit from it.

  7. Celebrate your first workshop and debrief/reflect about it with your journey coach.

  8. Plan the next workshop.

  9. Host the next workshop.

  10. Debrief.

  11. Repeat steps 8., 9. and 10. as often as it is pleasing to you.

  12. Plan your closing session: Here you can reflect with your participants, celebrate what you achieved and already get people involved to start another round.

  13. Reflect with your journey coach what you personally have achieved and what you learned from kick-off until closing. Celebrate your successes!

Other quick LEAP examples for inspiration:

oikos Bayreuth

  • Demand-based topic selection (doodle-survey in advance within the chapter to find out the members`needs and wishes)

  • 2 hour workshop sessions on specific LEAP topics

  • Participants have only to commit to the workshop sessions, which they are interested in

oikos Hamburg

  • Integrated in monthly meetings

  • Reflection sessions at the beginning of each meeting


3 days-deep dive into topics like values, purpose and commitment-management.

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