1. Why and benefits

Why should you LEAP?

The LEAP is an oikos International Leadership program supporting change agents to practice leadership and develop themselves.

The LEAP Toolbox is the ‘ready to use’ version of LEAP to support your chapter/friends/colleagues at workplace/community to thrive by providing participants with the space and tools to grow personally and professionally and to build a strong and engaged team/community. It can be a simple gift for the members of your organization or be the chance to connect better with your whole chapter, team, family. This toolbox is what you make out of it!

Learn about yourself, to better gain confidence in your abilities and use them to achieve your goals and dreams.

Build resilience and develop competencies to face stress, changes, challenges, making it easier to keep personal wellbeing.

Develop your leadership skills to co-create a vision, to inspire and engage people with purpose.

Develop skills to effectively communicate, work with diversity, manage conflict and build healthy relationships.

Create the desired working culture for your chapter/colleagues/partners, with spaces for personal and team growth, vulnerability and empathetic dialogue.

Learn to effectively structure, host and facilitate great meetings, pitches, presentations, workshop sessions, reflection and safe space gatherings.

How will you benefit from and be successful in this journey?

Developing an Explorer and Learning mindset

Don’t be afraid to start! We only learn what we practice! Be part of this safe community of conscious leadership practice! Be curious and intentional to foster and nurture personal growth and a community environment that allows everyone to achieve their potential, work and relate happily and efficiently together and united for bigger visions as transforming education, wellbeing and sustainability!

Flexible & Inclusive

Make use of a ready to use structure, developing your Leap journey at your own pace. Each community is on a different path, has a different context and is embedded in a specific culture. We acknowledge this and suggest you to adapt the structure and topics to your specific situation, considering the wishes & needs of your community. Creating different modules and combinations of workshops that serve these needs. We also want your feedback about the platform, tools and workshops, to make sure we can adapt and keep it useful for everyone!


This is a living and organic platform created by oikees for oikees. You can suggest for example new formats for the platform or new content topics. We highly recommend you to also share with other oikos members, chapters, friends, partners your unique leadership journey and the workshops you host for your community, so more people can learn different ways of doing it. That is how this platform works... Everyone taking ownership of it!

LEAP practitioners network available

Still a bit unsure about how to get started? Connect to and have the support of our LEAP community of practice (a coach and LEAP alumni) who can share their personal experience, expertise, and insights with you and support you to start your community journey. Access the map to find a practitioner on the 'get a coach' page.

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