Sustainability Basecamp

Self-paced learning journey on sustainability.

The WHY: Why we created this course and why it’s relevant for our community?

We are a diverse community of student change agents, with different cultures & study backgrounds. We wanted to create an opportunity that prepares us to venture out and climb mount sustainability. For a long while, we've been sitting with the question & challenge of equipping our students with a systemic perspective on sustainability that transcends the local context & culture-influenced conversations that are such an important part of a holistic understanding. Many universities fail in introducing the topic at all. Working together towards sustainability, both in local & international communities, can be challenging if there is no common baseline and no credible place to go for further directions.

We, therefore, developed a short course with multiple interactive & reflective elements that allows students to get in touch with a more systemic perspective on sustainability, find further resources & share their own learnings with one another. A base camp for the hike, so to say.

The WHAT: What awaits you on this journey?

What you will find in the Sustainability Basecamp:

  • A Core training (remote course setting you up for the journey, the essentials to thrive ;))

  • A Sustainability Compass (resource base, providing orientation)

  • Peers to engage with, that are on a similar journey & hold similar questions

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