Welcome to the oiKosmos!

Every oikee's user guide to our virtual oikos community infrastructure
Welcome to the new home of the oikos community!
We invite you to our new shared space - for all oikees, chapters, representatives, friends, and whoever wants to participate in our international community and events.
Discover all the different elements in this short user guide and reach out to us in the discord help channel if you have any question :)

oiKosmos Discord

Our Discord server is a fun place to exchange ideas, meet new people and get in the know about oikos events. Click below to find out more!

Miro Board

Get an overview of everything that is happening in and around oikos on our Miro board! We will update it regularly - and hope for your updates, as well. Learn more here

Community Toolbox

The oikos Toolbox is our community library of helpful documents and guides that will support you in your chapter journey.

Community Calendar

The oikos Community Calendar is a google calendar containing all the oikos International and Chapter events, which are accessible to all oikees. Get access here!

Community Zoom

The oikos Community Zoom is a Zoom Account that can be used by all chapters to host their external events. find out more here

Our work for you

You've discovered much, but there's even more to see - because oikos is much more than the oiKosmos.