Discord Rules

In order to keep the Discord server a safe space for everyone, here are some simple rules we'd like our community members to follow.

  1. Stay respectful - think before writing and use your common sense. Make sure that your exchange with other fellow oikees is respectful and please avoid anything that might be offensive to other members.

  2. No Spam - Please do not post any files or images that might be offensive to other members or contain viruses.

  3. No political statements - we gather here to converse about leadership & sustainability & would appreciate it if this platform is not used for any form of political discourse.

  4. Please don't link to this server to any other communities on Discord before talking about it to a moderator.

If you have any concerns or if there is anything you might need help with, feel free to reach out at community@oikos-international.org or just leave a message for our @oikos Team members in the discord server. You can identify them by their green name!

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