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We are here to help and support your journey to get in touch and engaged with our incredible international community.

How can I get supported directly from the oI team?

In the Discord server itself, you can send a message with your question in the #support channel or send a direct message to anyone with the @oikos Team label.

If you choose to contact us directly, and don’t receive any answer immediately, please don’t worry and feel free to send a reminder after a while.

If you have problems accessing the Discord server, you can also send a quick email with your concerns to team@oikos-international.org.

How can I change my notification settings?

To choose what you are notified for, eg. general announcements or events, you can use special roles in our #pick-your-roles channel.

General Announcements: Announcements regarding general oikos topics and matters related to the Discord space. Event Announcements: Reminders and notifications for international and chapter events/programs.

To deselect announcements, just click the small icons below the explanation box. Just like that, you can click them again to opt back in to announcements. Keep in mind that you may only get these announcements and notifications if you use the phone apps Discord provides.

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