oI Coffee

Connect to oikos from around the world: Join for an oiCoffee

What is oiCoffee?

Grab your favorite drink & meet a random oikee for a short, casual conversation. oiCoffee intros are a simple way to connect with oikees from all over the world. On a regular basis, you can decide to sign up in the #oikoffee-signup channel. We will then pair you with another oikee through a DM, encouraging you to meet for a virtual coffee over video chat!

What are you waiting for? Give it a try and join us for a coffee chat :)

How can I participate?

To participate, just click the green checkmark box (✔️) in the #oikoffee-signup channel. This will automatically add you to the pool of members to be considered for the next oiCoffee round. Whenever a round ends, the next one will already be waiting for you there - so make sure to sign up again if you had fun!

You can choose the frequency of intros by clicking on the check mark emoji every time we re-post for another round. No worries, if you miss one sign-up period, the next one will open directly! We always try to introduce people who don't normally interact with each other.

How can I provide my contact information?

If you want to provide additional contact information for your coffee friends, so they know how to get in touch with you, you can send a quick message in #bots with the following contents:

@Coffee Bot setinfo Hello, you can reach me best on Saturdays, send me an email at example@example.com!

This text will be sent to your match!

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