Houses are peer group among chapters.

Why you should join house calls as a chapter lead or member:

  • get inspired by your peer-chapters!

  • have a safe space for exchange on learnings and experiences with other chapters

  • build your network in the community

  • be an active part of our international community by building strong, personal relationships

  • have a regular touchpoint with someone from oikos International

Current houses and house facilitators:

House facilitator Chapters

(1) Carolin Lemke

Bangalore, Hong Kong, Kolkata, New Delhi, Suzhou

(2) Lilia Yang

Berlin, Graz, Lisbon, St. Gallen, Vienna

(3) Anna Müller

Bayreuth, Kano, Lausanne, Lund, St. Andrews, Witten/Herdecke

(4) Asha Mandapati

Amsterdam, Anu, Lille, Prague, Reutlingen, Warsaw

(5) Léon Bourdeaux

Baku, Belgrade, Brussels, Nottingham, Paderborn

(6) Navya Shiva Prakash

Barcelona, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Jamshedpur, Reims, Tbilisi

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