Bulletin Board

Your central point of access to our virtual community ecosystem
The oiKosmos Miro Board is the sun of the oikos solar system. Everything is centered around it and it is the central point for all oikees to find entry points guiding to the solution of the questions.

Where and why?

The oikosmos is a community tool providing you with all the essential information to guide you through the oikosmos.
The oikosmos is a powerful miro board.
Miro (previously known as RealtimeBoard) brands itself as a digital whiteboard that makes it easy to collaborate with others. The software allows you to create notes and designs, move things around, and communicate through embedded video calls or online chats.
In our oikosmos, we are hoping to…
  • Introduce you to the rest of the international community
  • Keep you up to date on events and programmes by oikos International and its chapters
  • Finding all the upcoming topics for the community hours
  • Access point to all the important oikos Tools
In this guide, we will guide you through joining the platform, your first steps on it and the possibilities it offers.
Click "See the board" to explore the oiKosmos!

How can I join?

Joining is very easy, just click "see the board" above. You don’t need any more than a web browser or your phone.