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Welcome to the Toolkit!

oikos International has received a generous gift from AVIVA Investors to bring you this Sustainable Finance Toolkit and Career Map.
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Please use the search function (in the top right) if you are looking for something specific. The industry is growing very quickly so if we are missing something you can let us know about it and we'll add it to the toolkit.
Contact Stephen Snider ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

How can the Toolkit help you?

  • Learn how to find job opportunities
  • Participate in workshops and trainings
  • Develop your professional, technical, and leadership skills
  • Interview stakeholders and network
  • Write on finance "hot topics"
  • Organize events and conferences
Check out this promotional flyer for more info:
oikos Toolkit and Career Map Flyer.pdf

Why should you help us?

If you help us then you can:
  • Join our squad of international professionals
  • Feature your work
  • Have your profile online
  • Network with the industry
  • Have a positive impact

What do we hope to achieve?

Here is a short video from the United Nation's Principles of Responsible Investing (PRI) that shows how we hope to make a sustainable financial system.
The Principles of Responsible Investing is a great place to start

What resources are available?

The Toolkit provides valuable pages of information. Generally, information is organized in the following three sections. Please use the Search bar in the top right to look for anything specific.
  • Toolkit Resources
    • Interviews, Career Advice, Websites, and Online Resources
  • Activities & Events
    • Conferences, Events, or Workshops you can participate in
  • Partners & Resources
    • Supporting People and Organizations to network with
Below are some specific resources the toolkit has to offer by the type of user.
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Learn Many Points of Information

Check out the resources that we have linked together in this toolkit.

Check Out Careers and Job Advice

There are a lot of different pages of information and we've put together advice on career paths within the industry.

Listen to and Conduct Interviews

Check out the many interviews that we've done with leaders in the space. If you'd like to conduct an interview with someone you'd like to network with just let us know.

Join Us!

Join our team of future leaders from around the world to build the toolkit, organize events, and write content.

Share Your Knowledge

Sign up to be interviewed and help others learn from you.


Participate in Training and Workshops

Join Us!

Help us create the toolkit and feature the work you are doing in this space. You can tap into our network and share your knowledge with the world.
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