Online Resources


Even though not enough universities offer resources on Sustainable Finance, we managed to gather the ones and how you can find them underneath this title.


In order to widen your knowledge on the topic, we recommend you check these books!


Looking into these companies’ work is going to be a really good start for your journey in Sustainable Finance.

ESG Data and Reporting

You can find many projects and initiatives working on ESG Data and Reporting in this section.


Additional to the research material on Carbon Washing and Impact Investing, we have some websites that can help you under this title.


Check out this page for software and programs geared toward helping you practice Sustainable Finance.


We are looking for organizations working and educating around sustainable finance. If you would like to be a part of the creation of this toolkit, please reach out.

Glossary of Important Terms

In order to fully understand the resources and the analyses we have provided so far, you need to know what these terms mean.

News Sources

Keeping up with the current developments is a crucial part of participating in Sustainable Finance. We have many news resources that will keep you updated!


Being trained by these programs will take you to the next step of your Sustainable Finance journey.


Some organizations to be aware of that are acting in the space are here. Some additional pages are included that go deeper into a few of these organizations.

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