Career Paths

There is a boom in interest in Sustainable Finance! Having experience on your resume and speaking the "language" is essential to differentiate yourself.

Major banks, asset managers, consulting companies, and others are adding roles and looking for talent with traditional financial skills, sustainability experience, and ESG knowledge.

Many Paths

There is no one way for you to enter the industry. There are many roles and opportunities and they seem to be constantly evolving. One way to think of it is as either:

  • Bring your traditional finance skills and learn about sustainable finance on the job

  • Know a lot about sustainability issues or ESG and learn the finance part as you go

What could your job be?

  • Lead business efforts to become more sustainable

  • Coordinate teams to adopt sustainability principles

  • Communicate with clients and investors

  • Organize, present, and use data

  • Position reporting in line with new standards

  • Allocate capital following ESG goals

  • Sell products to the market and clients

  • Market business efforts

In the News

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