Innovation and ClimateTech

Can technology save us?

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Technology is unlikely to be the silver bullet that many people hope it will be, however innovation will be a key contributing factor to achieving necessary climate goals. A McKinsey report found that 40% of required emissions abatement could come from technologies that are still being developed, so watch this space!


ClimateTech is a sub-sector of technology companies which are focusing on developing and/or utilising technologies to combat climate change. Companies in this space are attracting significant investments from venture capitalists (VCs) who are early-stage investors, giving capital to risky start-ups in return for equity in the company, in the hope that it will grow.

Some of the most successful and impactful ClimateTech companies include:

  • Nature's Fynd - Using their fermentation technology they turn fungi into dairy and meat food substitutes, using a fraction of the water, land and energy resources of animal protein sources.

  • Prometheus Fuels - Has developed a tools to filter atmospheric CO2 and turn it into a viable net-zero fuel that can compete with fossil fuels.

  • Volocopter - An electric powered air vehicle designed to operate as an air taxi, reducing cars on the road.

Crunchbase is a great resource for finding exciting start-ups, check it out and see if you can find a ClimateTech firm that you think will see financial and environmental success!

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