Glossary of Important Terms

In order to fully understand the resources and the analyses we have provided so far, you need to know what these terms mean. from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a great glossary of financial terms that you can search

The Integrated Capital Game has a great subset of terms essential to the field

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  • Social Entrepreneurs seeking funding for their enterprises can find alternative financial models and long-term partners in the impact investing community.

  • Business leaders can gather insights on bringing a stakeholder mindset into their organization and discover how to include environmental, social and governance factors throughout their operations.

  • Retail investors, which includes anyone with a bank account and 401(k) or other retirement plan, can now find options that keep their money out of sectors they don’t agree with, such as fossil fuels, and put the money into impact, like renewable energy infrastructure.

  • Foundations can align the investment of their endowment with the mission of their philanthropic giving to leverage organizational impact.

  • Financial advisers and intermediaries can learn how to speak to clients about impact, identify relevant securities, and expand opportunities to build their book and retain assets with the impending wealth transfer.

  • Asset Owners can align investments with their values, and seek out best practices and strategies.

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