Impact Criteria

Criteria for evaluating whether a company meets the social impact objectives of a fund.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT How engaged is the enterprise in its local community?

ECOLOGICAL STEWARDSHIP What is the ecological footprint of the enterprise? What steps is it taking to improve its positive impact or mitigate its negative impact?

EQUITABLE OPPORTUNITY How does the enterprise create opportunity for people who have been impacted by racial, social and economic inequality? How many quality jobs does it create? What is the composition of management and leadership?

EQUITABLE OWNERSHIP Who has the opportunity to own this enterprise? How is ownership structured to create meaningful, social impact?

LOCAL CONSUMPTION To what extent does the enterprise create products and/or services for the local community?

LOCAL PRODUCTION How much of the enterprise's supply-chain is sourced locally? How much production takes place locally?

NEGATIVE SCREENS To what extent does the enterprise earn revenue from business sectors that the fund has screened out (such as fossil fuels, private prisons, defense sector, etc.)?

WORKPLACE DEMOCRACY How democratic or participatory is the enterprise? Do workers have a voice? How is information and decision-making distributed?

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